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We've changed our name. 

  • Our club was formerly known as "Cheyenne Public Shooting Park Corporation" (CPSPC); we did business as "Laramie County Shooting Sports Education Center" (LCSSEC).  When Laramie County opened the new "Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex (LCSSC), the Cheyenne area's first public shooting facility, we decided to change the name of our club to eliminate the confusion between our club and the new range (owned and operated by Laramie County at the Archer Complex just east of Cheyenne).  Our club officially changed its name at its Board of Directors meeting on November 5, 2012.

  • LCSSC (the "Range") has its own Website, click here

    Range Location (click on image)

    Outdoor Ranges Opened 7/14/2012!

    Indoor Ranges Opened 8/19/2012!

Our club and the county-owned-and-operated range “come together” in two respects:

  1. Having played an instrumental role in establishing the first public shooting facility in the Cheyenne area (see "History" link for more information), our club is committed to helping ensure the success of the Range; this commitment is demonstrated through our club’s volunteer service to the Range, and through financial support via fund-raising activities and efforts.  For example, our club is one source of volunteer Range Safety Officers (RSOs) for the Range.  Our club also requests and acquires grant funds for material and equipment purchases by the Range.

  2. In August 2012 our club purchased an inaugural annual Corporate Gold range membership offered by the Range, to provide an optional, limited-time, reduced-price Range membership benefit for club members.  Our club submitted its Corporate Gold Range membership application on August 7, 2012.  There is no opportunity to add club members to that Range membership application until it comes up for annual renewal.  In August 2013 the club renewed its Corporate Gold range membership at the Range.

Laramie County sets all rules for operation of its public shooting facility, including the fees it assesses users of the facility.  The range usage fee structure includes “pay as you go” and annual range memberships.  This is explained on the LCSSC Website.

Although participation in our club’s reduced-price Corporate Gold Range membership benefit (subject to the terms set by the County) requires club membership, individuals and families can purchase regular annual range memberships – directly with LCSSC – at any time.  This applies to club members and non-members alike.  Again, this is explained on the LCSSC Website.

Individuals can join our club anytime, by submitting a club membership application and the required annual dues.  Only during the annual Corporate Gold range membership enrollment period (likely mid-June through mid-August) can our club members opt to join our Corporate Gold range membership for reduced-price range memberships (subject to the fees and terms set by LCSSC).

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